/ Master Class Organisational Development

June 27, 2014 @ 6:00 am – 3:00 pm GMT0


As we slowly emerge from the economic crisis, many organisations are now positioning themselves for growth. Given today’s fast transforming global economic landscape, organisations cannot afford to leave recovery to chance. Competitive advantage will go to organisations that are agile – that can anticipate what needs to be done in order to survive and thrive, rapidly translate intent into implementation and innovate in ways that please customers and leave the competition behind.
But how can this be achieved in practice? Agility and innovation depend heavily on people’s willingness and ability to rapidly adapt and learn to work in new ways; therefore high levels of employee engagement and agile organisational cultures become central to business success. Yet in many contexts people have become change-weary, insecure, demoralised, highly pressured and risk averse – conditions hardly conducive to engagement or agility. In such circumstances HR and OD practitioners – the people and organisation specialists – have a potentially key contribution to make to business success if they can help equip their organisations and employees to become engaged, agile and innovative.



08.30 Arrival and coffee


09.00 Welcome, introductions, learning outcomes


09.30 Input: Why ‘agile’? (Drivers)


10.15 Input: What is ‘agility’?


10.45 Coffee break


11.00 Applying the model: How resiliently agile is your organisation? What are the key barriers to agility and resilience in your organisation?


11.45 Input: Identifying enablers and overcoming key barriers to organisational agility and resilience


12.45 Lunch


13.30 Input: Building an agile, engaged workforce


14.15 Applying the ‘Engaged model’ to own organisation contexts


15.15 Coffee break


15.30 Input: The role of HR and OD in building sustainable agility and resilience (or ‘change-ability’) – case examples of:


16.15 How resiliently agile do you feel? Assessing your own change-ability


17.00 Close


Who is it for?
This masterclass will be relevant to any practitioner who wants to understand how higher levels of engagement and organisational agility can be achieved in practice. Drawing on her latest research, Dr. Holbeche will explore issues relating to building an agile workforce, arguing that a more genuinely mutual employment relationship with employees may be required if agility is to be sustainable in the current era.
Aim of masterclass:
To help participants understand how to influence the development of more agile ways of working while also growing levels of employee engagement in their contexts.
This session will:

  •  Outline key elements of organisational agility and innovation, together with implications for management and working practices;
  •  Examine some of the barriers and enablers of organisational agility and innovation
  •  Discuss the business case that can help persuade top management of the need to take employee engagement seriously, and potential implications for their own roles
  •  Identify the key factors driving employee engagement, as well as possible barriers and what can be done to address these
  •  Who does what with respect to agility and creating an organisational context
  • conducive to employee engagement?
  •  Building an agile, engaged workforce – implications for the employment relationship.


Combining teaching, models and tools, this workshop will be interactive, practical and solutions-focused. Pre-work, short inputs, analytical activities, case study examples, tips and group discussions will be used to help participants identify key issues and possible solutions relevant to their contexts. Participants will have the chance to share their own insights and experiences as well as consider strategies to enhance employee engagement and agility in their organisations.

Details on curricula, study methods and timetables are available via e-mail on cipd@hrenterprise.ro or via telephone, at 021.314.88.00 / 0731 344 865 .


The Speaker

Previously Research and Policy Director at the CIPD, Linda Holbeche is an independent consultant, researcher and author who regularly features on the ‘Top HR Influencers’ list compiled by HR Magazine. Her clients include a wide range of UK and international organisations. She is the author of a dozen books including HR Leadership (2009, Butterworth-Heinemann), over 50 research reports and 100+ articles. Recent co-authored books include Organization Development: a practitioner’s guide (2011) and Engaged (2012). She is currently writing a book about Organizational Agility.