Mentoring Academy 642

You will discover how to leverage mentoring in your leadership approach, mindset, and process. The Mentoring Academy is a standard concept within the CMI network. It starts from the recognition that senior executives and leaders wish to use their skills to help other business people to become more successful.

The program will help you:

    • Develop a foundational mastery of mentoring skills at both the intrapersonal and interpersonal level
    • Become a growth agent in your organization (both through formal and informal authority) and influence your professional community
    • Understand how to create a culture in your team where every interaction becomes an opportunity for learning, contribution, and excellence.

Taking place over the course of 6 months Mentoring Academy Program features:

    • Six face-to-face workshops [ 26-27-28 Oct 2017 ], [ 1-2-3 Feb 2018 ]  from 9:30–16:30 GMT+2
    • Four live webcasts on Thursdays from 6:30–8:00 p.m. GMT+2 (dates TBC)
    • Two supervision sessions
    • Summary videos with key learnings from each module
    • Study-groups to meet once every two weeks to discuss key learnings and share writings
    • Weekly discussion board, mentoring journaling, additional resources added weekly, and more on our platform
    • Join our Community of Practice –  Mentornity!


Contact person: Roxana Mocanu, Women in Business Mentor Alumni, ITOL SoL


Tel: 021-312 88 00