Eveniment / HR Breakfast with Claudia Pellicori. CORE2 Tool about Reputation

CORE2: a powerful tool for lean reputation development

On 12 of July, we have a special guest from Italy: Claudia Pellicori. She is a Development Coach and Growth Designer at Cocoon Projects. During the HR breakfast we’ll present the CORE2 tool for Lean Reputation Development and the principles that lead this growth approach.
Reputation represents today one of the biggest opportunities professionals have, because it’s the new “currency” and key asset. You have to invest time and energy on it, you have to be coherent and constant because it is a long process.
The CORE2 is focused on building and developing the reputation based on the experience you have and the value you generate when you collaborate with others.  It’s what Cocoon Projects calls operational reputation, based on their real capacities and on the concrete contribution that everybody gives to the community.
We’ll bring to life a new awareness and understanding of what you can leverage today in your professional path.


Claudia Pellicori is a Development Coach and Growth Designer at Cocoon Projects. She loves working with organisations and people for the evolution of their identity, reputation and connection with stakeholders. She carefully and strategically helps them in surfacing their most important skills, in the selection of the best communication tools and channels and in an iterative process of relationships building.
Claudia has applied these capabilities in a very wide variety of contexts, from structured enterprises to startups and the organisation of national and international initiatives. She believes in continuous personal and professional improvement and in the constant research for enriching experiences.
She is a founding member of Cocoon Projects, member of the European Organisation Design Forum and certified facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.